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While there are many shining moments in homeschooling the journey can be one fraught with uncertainty and discouragement.

If you've ever wondered if you are walking this journey alone and wished you had some resources that could help you out and encourage you along the way, look no further!

This homeschool bundle may be just what you are looking for!


A "normal" American family decides that normal just isn't cutting it anymore. They start doing crazy things like visiting 52 zoos in 52 weeks, taking a 5-week trip to Cambodia, quitting school, and going down this crazy path called unschooling. They decided to take the road less traveled, and it has made all the difference.

With the cost of living on the rise, many families are struggling to make ends meet. This book will give you strategies for giving your children a first class education, while pursuing your God given family dreams.

Does lesson planning leave you frustrated and overwhelmed? Do you feel as if your homeschooling could be more successful if you could just find a lesson planning system that works for you? This book was created just for you. Written by a veteran homeschooling mom with over fourteen years of homeschool experience, this book lays out step-by-step a simple lesson planning system that will work for you

Farmschooling takes farm lesson plans and turns them into something special…and you don’t have to live on a farm to use it Reluctant learners will love learning about the animals, and all other subjects flow organically throughout. Living math, living language arts ideas, copywork suggestions, science activities and more make it possible to have lots of fun with this farm unit while learning across the curriculum!

History Mysteries includes nine awesome historical mysteries to study together as a family. Each case includes background information, carefully compiled research materials and "extra data" to explore, as well as discussion questions to get your family talking. Learn about King Tut, Amelia Earhart, British spies, disappearances and unsolved cases that will intrigue kids and parents alike.

If you are looking for refreshment and purpose for your homeschool, this is the book for you! You will find purpose and focus for your homeschool as you work step by step through the facets of your home, your children, your teaching, and your worldview, all leading to contentment and peace about who you are as a homeschooling mother.

We all get overwhelmed, and sometimes the chaos wins.

The key is not to stay in that place.

Get up, choose joy, and make tomorrow better. 

When your life is simplified and your eyes are focused on Jesus, you're able to roll with the waves and be the happy, involved mom you always wanted to be. 

Sometimes all you need is a reboot. 

Homeschool Basics is just that: the basics.  But just because it’s “basic,” doesn’t mean its just for newbies.  I include solutions for everyday problems, curriculum guide, tons of printables, and more.

Trying to tackle the stuff in our homes can be completely overwhelming. Often, the struggle is even just wondering where to start. The project seems huge and it’s hard to narrow in and do even one thing. It’s time to get our homeschool stuff organized. Here’s a step-by-step plan of how to do it in 20ish days.

Are you struggling to know where to start with choosing a homeschool curriculum?  This is the book for you!  This is a 20-page e-book to help you start!  In the Quick Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum, I outline 10 steps to help you make the best choice for your family.

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Your crash-course in exactly what you need to know to begin homeschooling!

Study the lives and styles of 10 famous artists.
Apply what you learn by creating your own masterpieces.


All About Beavers Unit Study

All About Penguins Unit Study

All About Sharks Unit Study

Animals That Adapt in Winter Activity Bundle

Chrysanthemum Unit Study

Mulberry Magazine Issue 6

Music Theory Worksheets & Printable Games

Sight Words Bundle

The Hymns Project Vol. 1

Yes, I want some encouragement and resources
to help me in my homeschool journey!

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Give your child a multicultural education through high quality, memorable audio stories.

Discount code #1 - two months of stories (one story each week) which include a parent guide for each story with discussion points, activity ideas, recipes, etc.

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Discount code #2 - $20 off the Full Story Pack, which is regularly priced at $99. The Full Story Pack provides access to all the stories thus far (45+) plus one story a week until there are 52 stories in the library. This option allows listeners to choose the order and pace at which they wish to listen to the stories.

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The Peaceful Preschool is a literature and project based curriculum for early learners. We encourage learning through great children's books and play.

The Playful Pioneers is a literature and project based curriculum for early elementary students.

Discount code available for 20% off the purchases of The Peaceful Preschool Curriculum and The Playful Pioneers Curriculum.

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The Twin Kid Project believes in books. They believe in the power of reading to children and that every child should have at least one book to call their own.

The Twin Kid Project is based upon these values. We invite you to join us as we do our best to change the story for children who have few books to call their own. We invite you to help us change the story of how we tend to this glorious place we all reside. We invite you to lift others up and change their story. We invite you to make your own story one to remember.

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Brave Writer is the innovative approach to developing your kids into competent, original writers.

We teach both parents and kids how to build a partnership in writing that leads to both creative expression and academic success, all while preserving the parent-child bond.

Brave Writer is designed with homeschooling families in mind, but is open to all families where writing is a priority.

Discount code for 15% off The Writer's Jungle e-book.

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Growin'GEERS is a hands-on activity designed to promote creativity and introduce engineering concepts to young girls primarily, but also young boys. Using the vehicle of a story, engineering concepts are introduced during fun and interactive sessions to show that engineering is a cool discipline to explore. We believe that planting the seed early and often can get children thinking about engineering differently and believing that they truly can change the world.

Discount code for 30% off a year long membership.

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