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Homeschooling Fall Bundle

18 resources to help and encourage you in your homeschooling journey

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Piano Course Level 1 For Beginners
{The Domestic Musician}

$47 value!

This course is for students with little to no piano knowledge and is designed to take a student (young or old) all the way to playing a song successfully from memory. The course includes a PDF workbook with over 40 pages of sheet music, theory homework, and practice tips for the week. There are 12 video lessons and each one is around 20 minutes long.

Student's will learn note names, piano finger numbers, proper hand position, posture, how to read notes on the staff, how to count rhythms, keep a steady beat, tempo, dynamics, simple 5 note scales, and so much more. In the last lesson, students will have an opportunity to memorize a recital piece and play it for an audience of their choice.

Photo Class for Kids
{Warren Schoolhouse}

$30 value!

Photo Class for Kids is an entry level, photography curriculum geared towards teaching kids (& teens) ages 8+ the basics of photography. Contains over 100 files including: lessons, quizzes, teacher guides, image examples, and more.

This kit was designed with a home school mom in mind. This option is also good for someone leading a co-op or after-school group. All 100+ files are creatively designed, totally prepped, and ready for print!

Explore the World Digital Resource Guide
{Intentional Homeschooling}

$30 value!

Explore the world from your home with this digital resource guide. Included for each country is a book list, virtual reality tours, a variety of video clips to watch and online treks you can explore and discover! Plus many countries have a variety of other features like links to how to draw videos that are applicable to the country.

If you love the idea of being able to virtually swim with turtles in the Great Barrier Reef, walk along the Eiffel Tower and see polar bears in their natural environment, this resource was made for you!

Constellations Nature Identification Set
{Brave Grown Home}

Name the constellations in the night sky using the stunning posters and cards in this nature identification set. Nature packs are a great interactive resource to add to your nature study.

Learning Well Community Lesson Planner
{Learning Well Community}

We all plan and organize differently and this planner was created to cover a multitude of planning and organizing styles. This lesson planner includes a full school year calendar (July 2017-June 2018), monthly planning pages for each month, two cover designs to choose from, lesson planning pages with loads of choices and much more!

The Gnomes' Gemstones
{From Jennifer}

This book contains a story divided into twelve lessons, each with Teachers Notes. The story is about four gnomes who discover twelve gemstones in their cave and journey to ask their friend, King Equals, what to do with the gemstones. Along the way they encounter new people and places, all the while figuring out they each have a different talent when working with numbers.

Kids Travel Journal
{Intentional Homeschooling}

Help your kids anticipate, enjoy and record your next trip with this fun printable travel journal. The journal includes 9 cover options: the world, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, North America, Canada and the United States as well as a number of pages of questions to help them document their journey.

Mulberry Magazine Issue #7
{Mulberry Journal}

Mulberry Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine and Annual Print Edition created by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers. In a world where choosing a life outside school is still very counter-cultural, we're building a community of like-minded families who are journeying alongside each other on this path of life and learning.

Spy School
{Kara S. Anderson}

Spy School is a 4 week course full of secret codes, disguises and other spy craft!

Homeschooling Your Preschooler
{This Little Home of Mine}

Are you interested in homeschooling your preschooler, but you’re not sure where to start? This book includes loads of creative teaching strategies as well as life-changing time management tips and organizational ideas!

Five Senses Letter-a-Week Activity Guide
{This Little Home of Mine}

A Five-Senses Letter-a-Week Activity Guide. Designed with kids ages 2-5 in mind! Sensory Experiences and STEM Activities that allow your child to hear, see, touch, smell and taste each letter of the alphabet.

Growth Mindset Printables
{Big Life Journal}

A set of 25 growth mindset printables to help parents and educators instill a growth mindset in kids. Includes a set of eight growth mindset coloring sheets for kids. 

Mom's Quiet Time Journal
{The Homeschool Post}

A beautiful printable journal for mom's to fill out in their quiet time. Includes coloring pages, lists to fill out and space for journaling.

How to Choose the Best Curriculum for Your Homeschool
{The Homeschool Post}

Overwhelmed by which curriculum to choose? This e-book helps you decide your homeschool curriculum by giving you nine questions to ask yourself.

Special Education at Home
{Not the Former Things}

Making the decision to homeschool a child with special needs can be daunting. In this everyday look at how to provide a special education at home, Shawna shares practical wisdom and encouragement for parents homeschooling children with special needs.

Boy of the Painted Cave Literature Study
{Homeschooling Five}

This literature study of Boy of the Painted Cave includes extensive vocabulary work, oral discussion questions, drawing activities, two levels of copywork, and an application question for each chapter.

Preparing My Heart for Christmas
{Life of a Homeschool Mom}

This 4-week journey to the heart of Christmas is filled with intentional prayer, Scripture readings, meditations, and reflection on the true meaning of Christmas.  4 weeks that will lead to the most meaningful and memorable Christmas you have ever experienced. 

Facts on Weathering, Erosion & Deposition
{The Natural Homeschool}

Venture into the wonderful world of Facts on Weathering, Erosion & Deposition! This amazing Earth Science bundle is perfect for an in-depth and fun unit!

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Big Life Journal

Big Life Journal is a guided GROWTH MINDSET journal for kids.

Discount: 10% off any product


Chalk Full of Design

Handcrafted Chalkboards for Littles, Life & Home. Home of Trace-n-Erase™ Chalkboards.

Discount: 10% off any chalkboard

Intentional Homeschooling: Canada the First Fifty Years Resource Guide

This digital resource guide gives an overview of Canada's first fifty years as a country - from July 1st, 1867 until June 30th, 1917. For each of the major events in Canadian history there are additional resources included including books, videos, and online resources.

Discount: $15 off the Canada: The First Fifty Years Resource Guide

Learning Well: An Essentials Course in Homeschooling

This video-based course is full to the brim with functional tools that will help your homeschool run smoother or just get you off to a great start. You will hear from many homeschool mamas talk about their struggles in homeschooling, but mostly why they love it and how the deal with the road bumps. You will find your own personal teaching style and hear from moms that might teach differently than you, but you will learn a ton from these ladies. You will get books lists and a heap of ideas to do with those great books. Basically, you’ll receive a giant dose of homeschool encouragement and inspiration in a one-week course designed to build you up on this journey.

Discount: $13 off of the Learning Well: An Essentials Course in Homeschooling

What Should Danny Do?

What Should Danny Do? is an innovative, interactive book that empowers kids with the understanding that their choices will shape their days, and ultimately their lives into what they will be. Written in a “Choose Your Own Story” style, the book follows Danny, a Superhero-in-Training, through his day as he faces choices that kids face on a daily basis. As your children navigate through the different story lines, they will begin to realize that their choices for Danny shaped his day into what it became. And in turn, their choices for themselves can shape their days, and ultimately their lives, into what they will be.

Discount: $4 off the book


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